6 Reasons Why Nsync Needs A Stylist

We were excited to see Nsync make a come back, but those outfits they used to rock are just too much for us. The biggest pet peeve we have is all of the matching. Where’s the originality? However, these boys have kept us rocking for decades after their breakup. Hits like Bye Bye Bye and Tearin’ Up My Heart are always on top of our most frequently played list. These boys have just gotten better with age and we hope that this comeback doesn’t just stop with the VMAs. What we hope should’ve changed over the years is their wardrobe. We’ve compiled six of the worst looks the boy banders have ever shown off in public. Some of these were even planned for magazine covers. We know the 90s were a crazy time, but these outfits were just out of this world. We don’t care though because these boys will forever be in our hearts.

1. matching oversized, shiny jumpsuits


We want to look at JT’s hot body not some shiny plastic bag.

2. short-sleeve turtle neck sweaters


So do you wear these during summer or winter?

3. ‘Merica


We knew there was a reason why we loved this country.

4. zip-up tees


These baby zip-up tees almost rival the ugliness of the short-sleeve turtle neck sweaters.

5. classic beach wear


We’d hang out on a beach with them all day.

6. the bleached look


We prefer the more natural look, but we’ll take these boys any way we can get them.

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