Great Moments In Cinema: Sharknado And Other Creature Features

Recently there’s been a growing trend in movies, especially those on TV. The ‘Creature Feature’ gained fame on channels like the SyFy network and have been gaining popularity by how amazingly awful they are. Terrible CGI graphics? Awesome! Casting D-list celebrities? Even Better! Showing us awesome hybrids of things and animals we’d never even thought of? AMAZING. Here are some of the craziest Creature Features that we’ve experienced lately.


Half shark, half octopus. As if sharks and octo’s weren’t scary enough by themselves. This terrifying creature is the result of a military experiment (of course) gone terribly, terribly wrong. Leave it to ‘Murica to think that we can defend ourselves from terrorists by using a Sharktopus.


Giant genetically mutated Piranhas wreaking havoc off the coast of Florida? Throw on your bikinis and grab your beer bongs because that sounds like an awesome time to us!


This one might make you lose your lunch because its disgusting. The title pretty much tells you the whole movie. Man turns into mosquito and tries to suck people’s blood. Apparently this man turned mosquito deal starts happening after an ex-con is infected with a virus.

Dinocroc Vs. Supergator

Basically the only reason you should see this movie is to see a giant crocodile fighting a giant gator. Even more confusing is trying to figure out which one is the croc and which one is the gator.

Piranha 3D

This is probably one of the more famous creature feature and one of the few to actually make it on to the big screen. Thanks to a few big-ish names and  some crazy piranha action, this seems to be enough of a guilty pleasure to warrant its sequel, Piranha 3DD. The most notable scenes in this masterpiece are when a girl gets scalped alive by a motorboat and Jerry O’Connell’s penis is eaten by a hungry Piranha. Enjoy that one, gentlemen.

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