Reasons Why You Don’t Really Need To Work Out

We get it, its summer. Everyone wants to go prance around at the beach without having to worry if their stretch marks are showing or if their beer belly is hanging out. But we say FUCK THAT, because there are so many better things you could do with your time then slaving away at the gym for hours only to see that no one is going to notice if you look good for two months out of the year. Yeah we said it, STOP working out and enjoy these things instead.


We really shouldn’t need to give you a reason for bacon being our first reason because well, its bacon and its delicious and sizzling and any argument you might have is completely invalid. Whats better? Running on a treadmill for two hours or eating three strips of bacon? We think the choice is clear.


Why do 90 minutes of P90X when all 6 seasons of Lost are on Netflix? Yeah, we thought so too. Plus your couch is soooo comfy right now. Just stay in and blast the A/C. You can jump around and sweat your face off any other day of the week but for now, the island calls.


Why not do something that your friends can join in on too? Because you know they’re not going to wanna go to the gym with you, and that’s a fact. No one wants to see you all sweaty.


If you’re in the west coast, its In N Out. If you’re in the east coast, its Shake Shack. If you’re in the middle than we’re sorry you’ve got nothing. But regardless, nothing beats a good burger. Not even 100 crunches.


The older we get, the more we REALLY like to sleep. Except during college, when sleep isn’t in our vocabulary. Even so, why would you get up at 4am to go running when you could just sleep in and not be an angry zombie for the rest of the day? Plus, if you really MUST get a workout in, sleeping burns off calories so there you go.

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