Why “Movember” Is The Best Month Of Fall

If you hate tuning into any Social Media site (except for us, of course), then you’ll need to be introduced to this concept: for the entire month of November, men pledge to grow a mustache in support of prostate cancer awareness, but people typically turn it into beards, mutton chops, etc. as well. Here’s why it’s the most wonderful tiiiiimeeee of the year.

dan craig

1. Guys look better with facial hair. It’s science (if by science, we mean Buzzfeed has research to back us up), not just a preference. Who doesn’t look better with a little stubble (and we’re not talking about the random patches of hair some guys grow to earn man cred).


2. When guys feel more masculine, they spit better game. You roll into a bar with a well groomed stache (we’re talking Christopher Plummer groomed) or Clooney beard and you can’t help but make women swoon. Again, because science.


3. Better game = better results. Tell us how many numbers you get with facial hair compared to your clean shaven, pathetic self. Exactly.


4. Every girl has some sort of lumberjack type. And by lumberjack, we mean Alcide from True Blood. Every girl wants that, and facial hair will get you somewhat closer… Just go with it.

beard hat

5. The facial hair keeps you warm, so why bother shaving on December 1st? It’s evolution, people. Don’t forgo body heat by getting rid of the facial hair you dutifully grew all month. Remember the women?! Remember the masculinity?! Do us all a favor and keep it.

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